“Card Talks” contain our biblical musings about the cards in the game. In each we propose an idea, a perspective, a reason why one of our cards is so “OMG THEY CAN’T SAY THAT!” We attempt to present something profound, comical, sobering, or a painful combination thereof.

We say, “here are our thoughts based on intense study of the Hebrew/Greek/Aramaic text, countless commentaries, preaching, teaching, counseling, pastoring, living life, wrestling with God, screaming at God, screaming at self, prayer, and being grade-A smart-asses made in the image of God. We may be wrong, but do with them what you will.”

You're welcome to our thoughts. Feel free to dialogue with us.

Scroll through our current Card Talks below, or search for the Biblical passage, tag, or keyword to see what we've covered. If you don’t see the card you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll move it up the Card Talk cue. 

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