Guest Blogger Policy

Thank you for your interest in sharing your writing talents with our audience. For us it has never been solely about the Game: we consider our Card Talks as one of the most important parts of our product. We hope you feel the same.  

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The Writing Process

  1. Using the form below, contact us about the Canon or Creed Cards that you are passionate about

  2. Conduct some research on the context of the biblical passage

  3. Write your Card Talk and send it to us

The Editorial Process

We are not looking to put words in your mouth, but we will exercise a measure of oversight of your work before hosting it on our site.  

After you submit your Card Talk we will review it on our end. We may send back observations, questions, or suggestions for your to consider, or nothing at all. In the end, if there are irreconcilable differences, either party can pull out. No harm. No foul. It might not work out, but we hope it will.

We want to hear diverse voices. We don’t have to agree on every biblical, theological, or philosophical point. However, we ask you to adhere to accepted standards of good hermeneutical practice – while adding a level of snark and sass where (in)appropriate.

The Posting Process

Once the Card Talk is finished we will post it on our website, share it through our social media outlets (Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter), and send it out to our newsletter subscribers.

We ask that you to share the post on your blog and/or website, as well as your social media connections, with a link back to our website.

When you're ready, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!

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