Notes for Holiday Shopping 


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Faq about winter shopping

  • Yes. You can have the order shipped directly to the gift recipient.

  • No. We do not gift wrap.

  • Yes. We will include a very, very, very short note if you ask.

  • No. There is nothing on the mailing package that indicates that our amazing game is inside. So it can stay a secret.

  • No. Your name is not on the package anywhere. The return address is our corporate address. Keep this in mind if you are having this sent to someone else who doesn't like getting packages from companies they've never heard of.

  • Remember you could ship directly to the gift-reciver’’s house, but with your name on the package.


  • No. Santa does not exist. But seriously, think about what you're doing to your children. Eventually you will tell them this bearded, omnipresent, omniscient, god-like figure who walks among mortals, and is associated with December 25th does not exist, and then wonder why they have issues with believing in Jesus/God later in life?


in time for christmas?

As we get closer to Christmas, we are doing our best ship all orders within two (2) days of receiving an order. This is not a guarantee, but we are busting our butts to make it happen.

Shipping usually takes about 2-3 days in the US. 

We will do our best to have your package arrive for Christmas, however the sooner you order, the sooner we ship, the sooner it arrives.

Orders received before December 21st within the US, should arrive in time for Christmas.

Please review our full shipping polices for more information.


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