We feel it is time to address the questions and confusion surrounding our name, “Ben Christian.” Notice we said our name. Plural. Not singular. Plural.

We’ll start with the most frequently asked question: “Is your name really Ben Christian?”

No, but that would have been ironically cool, right? Like the characters from the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament whose names were also indicative of what they did. 

Most people correctly assume that “Ben Christian” is a pseudonym with a particular meaning behind it. For us it has been fun to chart some of the creative meanings people have suggested:

“Ben is really a pun on ‘been,’ so it’s ‘Been a Christian,’ like, you used to be Christian, but aren’t anymore?”

As we’ve said from the beginning, we were and still are Christians. We’re not lying. As far as you know.

“Ben means ‘son of,’ so is it ‘son of a Christian’? Like you’re a pastor’s kid or something?”

We all are children of Christians, and some of us are preacher’s kids, but no.

“Ben is short for Benjamin. Benjamin is an Old Testament name, while Christianity is a New Testament concept. So your name is like the game because it covers the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.”

Damn. No, that’s not it at all, but it is cool enough that we might start telling people it was true.

“Biblically, Benjamin means ‘son of the right hand’ in Hebrew. Paul says that, after the Resurrection, Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, so …”

We’re going to stop you right there. Seriously, crack is a hell of a drug.

The real answer might not be as clever as those, but it is what it is:

Ben = bene (Latin)= “good.” 

Yeah. “Ben Christian” simple means “good Christian.” We made a game for ourselves and you.

Mystery solved.


So simple...

So simple...